Customized Financial Planning & Investing

Dabin is a group of companies with comprehensive corporate, commercial activities and good customer services tailored to the Kurdistan Region and the Middle East.
Through our extensive operations, Dabin brings quality, service, and proficiency to many sectors of business and society.
In the industrial sector, we are modernizing our existing businesses in addition to building new ones to create industries that will further activate the economy and transform the ways of our society. We also aim to help bringing ” the country into the realm of advanced information and communications technology for its advance into the 21st century. For this purpose, we are introducing know-how into the government & private sector, and thus assisting the local transition towards a future where the latest developments are utilized for living, communicating, and transacting in our society.



Complete Projects

Investment Plans

Dabin Group’s products and services provide opportunities to create wealth for the future and meet financial goals by investing periodically in different investment plans, funds, and schemes.

Construction Sector

We create, through local anchoring and sustainable execution in collaboration with our customers, values for people when building for the future. We are always keen to see which design techniques are used and this helps us design the best buildings. We build residential compounds, schools, offices, and other buildings where people can live, meet and develop.

Tourism Sector

We provide Tourism for pleasure and business; also, for the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours.

Security Sector

Security can be a complex responsibility in a landscape that is constantly evolving, but Dabin Group has through its long experience shown that we are one of the leading companies in the local area. safety is one of the most important goals that the Dabin group strives to achieve satisfied tenants and socially sustainable living environments.

Industry Sector

Our manufacturing focuses exclusively on the conversion of tangible items like raw materials into finished productions, whereas production includes non-tangible items in the conversion process. The difference is that production is a broader term that encompasses both tangible and non-tangible items in which serve our customer’s demands.

Trading Sector

Economists have identified four important factors for an economy to be able to start producing goods. Production factors are: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Dabin group has extensive experience of trade in the Kurdistan region and Iraq. Dabin Group’s new focus is international investment in various forms with a focus on the environment.

Agriculture & Livestock

Agriculture The art and science of arable farming is the cultivation of crops and livestock, which includes the production of plant and animal products for human consumption and their distribution in markets.
These products as well as the agricultural methods used can be different in different parts of the world. Agriculture and livestock products are the most important things we have and we are ready to develop them in the best modern way.
Agriculture is the way to save human societies and this is the core of Dabin group’s strategy.

Other Services

Dabin Group is a leading player in waste and recycling, collects and transports waste and recycling, and makes a basic characterization of waste.
Everything we do at Dabin contributes to a more sustainable society. Our mission is to create commercial societal benefits by taking long-term responsibility for environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste management and recycling.
inspection is a check that the car is traffic safe so that it does not pose a danger to the driver or others.
inspection must be carried out every year for all cars in accordance with the Iraqi Traffic Act. Dabin Group has a large and modern inspection control that covers the entire Kurdistan region, we are located in all small and large cities.