Dabin group


Together with our subsidiary companies, we are able to deliver extensive services to our diverse customers. Each of our affiliated companies operates on its own. Our leadership in marketing communications is fostered by the industry’s most innovative, collaborative, and diverse talent. Together our people deliver big creative, competitive ideas based on actionable customer insights. At Dabin’s Group, we are committed to promote responsible practices and making positive contributions to society around Kurdistan Region and the Middle East. We invite you to explore highlights of our progress across the areas on which we focus such as construction, energy, agriculture & livestock, cleaning services, medical & pharmaceuticals, security guard services as well as general trading and contracting.


Kanar Company

Agriculture and Livestock

Tatan Company

Oil and Gas

Hizil Company

Cleaning Services

Bawar Security Company

Security Guard Service

Sipan Company


Peerless Company

For Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies

Rejin Company



Construction Company

Avan Company



General Trading and contracting

Paraw Company