About Us


Since its inception in 1996, Dabin Group has witnessed immense growth, rapidly evolving into one of the most auspicious and budding group of companies within the Middle East. The group operates as a tightly integrated, multi-disciplinary global enterprise that covers a range of business activities. With a significant presence in a number of industries, including Manufacturing, Construction, Hotels, Retail, Distribution, and Information Technology, the Dabin Group has accumulated a wealth of diverse expertise. Operating in Iraq, the group has already created a number of successful enterprises that have become household names within the local market.

Our Mission

To be a leading force dedicated to building a future and productive economy in our region in the Middle East through innovation and creation of industry strength\specialist enterprises operating across diverse sectors as centres of excellence built upon modern business/ principles and the deployment of science and technology in the design, development, and delivery of high quality globally marketable products and services.

Our Vision

Is to grow the group to become a world-class commercial enterprise capable of meeting regional demands and having the edge to compete favorably in the global marketplace with ISO accredited fit for purpose products and services and having own manufacturing facilities, major construction capabilities, distribution, and retail networks, – Information & – communications – technology complemented by strong service-led industries.